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We’re a team of specialist finance brokers, dedicated to helping when the banks won’t.


Who Is Fortress Funding?

Over the years we have delivered improved financial solutions to hundreds of businesses and individuals alike. We focus on combining your objectives with what we know, and who we know, to provide a great outcome for you.

Our online structure allows us to provide you with a premium service using the efficiencies of online loan applications with the support of qualified specialists supporting you over the phone and email. We are not a call centre operation or a big bank – we offer a personal long term service to all our clients with the aim of offering a customised service delivered to you without the need to leave your home or office.

  • We are paid by the lender. We help secure the right loan for you, not the best commission for us

  • Guaranteed confidentiality. We are regulated by ASIC and only discuss your business with parties agreed to by you

  • We speak to the lender on your behalf and won’t fall victim to hard selling

  • Our experience and network of specialists ensures fast results

  • We have access to exclusive rates

  • We operate on a full disclosure basis and are members of CIO, FBAA and AFG

Not only do we pride ourselves on knowing what options may exist in the market for you, we know who to talk to in order to make it happen. Our extensive network of contacts in the lending world ensures that clients get the most appropriate solution.

Our founder and CEO, Roger Castle, has been a finance broker for the past 17 years and before that worked in one of the “big four” banks. In addition, Roger has owned businesses in the areas of retail, hospitality, industrial sales and property. He realised long ago that it’s hard for clients to find people in the banks with the level of skills and commitment to service that they need as a client. That’s why Fortress Funding was established. We set out to solve the problem by either negotiating your loans needs for you, or introducing you to the right person inside the bank.

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Why Fortress Funding?

The team at Fortress Funding have the experience and insights from working for one of the “Big Four” banks as a lender, along with finance and business brokering for private firms. This means that Fortress has the unique advantage of understanding how to best approach lenders, and what to say to secure the right loans you or your business.

Specialist lending, alternative lending, debt consolidation and unsecured loans require skills that most brokers and lenders do not possess. Fortress Funding experience in these areas allows us to help understand our clients needs, and successfully negotiate with lenders to secure funds under the right conditions.

We want the best result for you. So if you’re not sure what specialist lending is, or need more information on how to tackle your debts, contact us for a free consultation with no obligation to proceed.

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Fortress Funding Values

At Fortress Funding, our mission is to service clients who need access to credit and loan products that are not readily available from major lenders. In the short term, we want to secure clients’ access to finance that will help make repayments more manageable. Clients stay with Fortress because we follow their financial journey from ‘at risk’ circumstances, through to getting access to prime loan products with the best interest rates.

We aim to be the best Australia wide provider of unsecured business loans, specialist home loans and debt consolidation. Our unique difference is our ability to secure loans for clients’ in need of sub-prime credit loans, fast. Client relationships grow stronger over time as we help secure prime, low interest rate loans, by helping better position clients financial portfolios so that they will be viewed more favourably by the major lenders.

Our promise is simple. When you choose to work with Fortress Funding, we promise to provide honest advice and access to financial products that will support your journey from adverse financial circumstances, and reposition you for financial strength

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Meet The Leadership Team

With more than 25 years experience negotiating finance for hundreds of business loans and personal loans, our team has the expertise to find the right solution for you

Roger Castle
Roger CastleCEO and Founder
Roger has worked for one of “Big Four” banks as a lender, has run businesses in more than five sectors and has negotiated finance for hundreds of clients across Australia. His motto he lives by is that if Fortress Funding takes you on as a client, our expectation is that you will get a great outcome.
Nate Johnson
Nate JohnsonLoan Tracking Specialist
Nate is an instrumental part of the loans application and tracking process. Over time, he has built relationships with a large number of primary and second tier lenders. Nate has submitted, followed up and tracked hundreds of submissions from initial enquiry through to settlement, and is an integral part of the loan process.
Samantha Jones
Samantha JonesLoan Applications Specialist
Samantha, along with Nate, is the engine room of Fortress Funding’s loan application process. She has process hundreds of loans and works with lenders across Australia on a daily basis. Samantha’s ensure dedicated focus on every single application she is responsible for to ensure that all applications make it through to approval in the short time possible.
Rick Sanders
Rick SandersBrokering Team Leader
Rick is our dedicated brokering team leader. He has experience managing brokering teams and finding the fastest path to receiving loan approval. Rick is in charge of fast tracking applications so that clients have access to funds as quick as possible. Nate also has a great eye for polishing applications to ensure they are presented correctly to the lender.

Our Clients Say

Clients come to us because we can help resolve their immediate credit needs. Clients stay with us because we help them pay off their debts, so they can get access to prime loans with better interest rates in the future.

Roger Castle assists many of our clients on an ongoing basis. He works with us to ensure that funding solutions are in the best interests of our clients. He has been consistently honest and ethical and has helped our business clients achieve their funding requirements.

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