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The Truth About Refinance and Three Options for Immediate Action

Why would you consider refinancing your loans? 9 out of 10 clients that we review could re-arrange their loans to be either cheaper, more appropriate or both! It’s worth asking the question, isn’t it? After all we don’t know what we don’t know. When you took out your last loan did you take the time to see what other lenders could offer? Is the product you have still current or have cheaper products become available? Is your lender offering you the same pricing they offer new clients? Would you prefer a more easily managed monthly budget with one loan repayment? Myths Dispelled about refinancing You don’t have to move your day to day banking Your transactional account, whether it’s your business cheque account or your personal account, can remain exactly where it is now without disruption. It’s easy to do; like REALLY easy! Once [...]

What Is A Second Chance Loan?

Second Chance Funding How It Can Work For You What is it? Second Chance Finance is a flexible loan offered by lenders for those with bad credit or a less than perfect credit history. It's a way that you can get yourself back on track quickly and easily. It’s not something your bank is able to offer you but rather a specialised solution offered by some of our most trusted lending partners. Our clients have used this successfully in the past to refinance loans that are in arrears and or consolidate multiple loans. As a broker, we have access to many lenders that you might not be aware of. These lenders choose to use the broker channel rather than paying for branch networks like you see with the big retail banks doing. There's no judgement Second chance funding is quite affordable Securing second chance loans in not intrusive [...]

Refinance Home Loan. Who and Why?

Refinance Home Loan. Who and Why Refinancing or restricting your loan can often bring some very easy to obtain and unexpected benefits. Like many other things, loans get out of date, new products are introduced, and better rates and fees are offered to attract new clients. Often with loans, we take what we are offered at the time so we can purchase our home right away. However, with a little more exploration and know how you can often find a better deal. This means you should do some research to try and understand all the options that are available to you as opposed to the one option your bank offered when you first took out the loan. The market is very competitive and many lenders offer better rates to new clients rather than their existing clients – which of course seems wrong given that you would expect lenders to look after their existing [...]

Types Of Specialist Business Loans

Which Type Of Business Loan Is Right For You? Business loans are varied in repayment structure, interest rates and fees and require differing levels of expertise to negotiate successfully. Below are some details of some of the most common business loans. Unsecured Business Loans These range from short term loans based on the turnover of your business. You do not need to offer any form of security and to the lender however the loan term is generally over no more than 12 months. These loans are ideal for fixing those unforeseen circumstances when you need cash quickly. For example, you may have a machinery breakdown; an urgent bill to pay or an opportunity to purchase stock at a great price. Business Loans Secured By Your Home These are very common for small to medium size businesses. This is fantastic from the bank’s point of view as they have you, the client, [...]

Understanding Specialist Business Loans

What Is A Specialist Business Loan? Business loans can be the most difficult to successfully negotiate, but can bring the greatest benefits to you and your business. Whether this is for better cashflow, to purchase plant equipment, or even ensuring the premises you operate from has the correct loan for its purpose; specialist business loans usually work best. Benefits Of A Specialist Business Loans Lenders often require an enormous amount of information from you at the application stage, as well as ongoing information post settlement to ensure that your business remains on track. This of course takes time and money. There are however, great potential benefits for you and your business by securing a specialist business loan. For example, these loans can provide you with the necessary funding to grow your business, or even simply meet your obligations without dipping into your personal funds. Many small business people end up using [...]