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Bad Credit Home Loan

Sometimes things don’t go to plan. Before you know it you have two or three credit cards, a home loan and a car loan and something goes wrong. You lose your job, someone doesn’t pay you, you get sick or you simply have some unforeseen event that means your under financial pressure. These types of circumstances bring with them a lot of stress which the ‘Big Four” banks are traditionally not really interested in. Specialist loans are designed to help in a wide range of “different” circumstances. Their favourite clients are the ones that need some extra care. We are talking multinational lenders that have simply chosen to concentrate on different types of loans. Rates are often comparable to what you are paying now for your finances across the board. Often one of the most powerful features of these loans is the ability to consolidate many or all of your loans, bills and obligations into one simple weekly, fortnightly or monthly repayment.

Importantly these loans are a vehicle to get you from A to B. That is they can help fix today’s problems and relieve the pressure and then when the dust has settled you can look to move lenders if you want to. Having said that, the flexibility of these types of loans can be very appealing, and many people choose to use them for many years with loan terms of up to 30 years.

  • Secure your dream home despite your credit history

  • The ‘Big Banks’ are not willing to help

  • You need help to access funds from sub-prime lenders

  • Relieve your financial pressure with a manageable repayment plan


About You

More often than not, bad credit home loans are the result of life events that get ahead of us. Sometimes these are unavoidable, and more often than not, they result in a need to access specialist funding. Getting access the best specialist loan for your needs requires great banking negotiation skills.

Before speaking to the bank, you will need to better understand your financial situation which requires complex calculations that factor in various debt amounts, interest rates, loan terms, repayments and more. Once this has been figured out, negotiation skills will need to be called upon. So how do you approach the bank manager and what are the right answers to secure the best loans.

This and more make bad credit home loans challenging without specialist support. Accessing specialist funding advice is free. All you need to do is contact Fortress Funding for a confidential chat. Then we will assess your options and approach the banks with plan.

  • You may have mortgage arrears

  • You could have two, three or more credit cards with debt

  • Limited or no savings

  • Previously been in an adverse financial situation like bankruptcy



With more than 25 years experience negotiating finance for hundreds of business loans and personal loans, our team has the expertise to find the right solution for you

Roger Castle
Roger CastleCEO and Founder
Roger has worked for one of “Big Four” banks as a lender, has run businesses in more than five sectors and has negotiated finance for hundreds of clients across Australia. His motto he lives by is that if Fortress Funding takes you on as a client, our expectation is that you will get a great outcome.
Nate Johnson
Nate JohnsonLoan Tracking Specialist
Nate is an instrumental part of the loans application and tracking process. Over time, he has built relationships with a large number of primary and second tier lenders. Nate has submitted, followed up and tracked hundreds of submissions from initial enquiry through to settlement, and is an integral part of the loan process.
Samantha Jones
Samantha JonesLoan Applications Specialist
Samantha, along with Nate, is the engine room of Fortress Funding’s loan application process. She has process hundreds of loans and works with lenders across Australia on a daily basis. Samantha’s ensure dedicated focus on every single application she is responsible for to ensure that all applications make it through to approval in the short time possible.
Rick Sanders
Rick SandersBrokering Team Leader
Rick is our dedicated brokering team leader. He has experience managing brokering teams and finding the fastest path to receiving loan approval. Rick is in charge of fast tracking applications so that clients have access to funds as quick as possible. Nate also has a great eye for polishing applications to ensure they are presented correctly to the lender.


Clients come to us because we can help resolve their immediate credit needs. Clients stay with us because we help them pay off their debts, so they can get access to prime loans with better interest rates in the future

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