Project Description

Investment home loans are varied in repayment structure, interest rates, fees and the needs they satisfy. It requires differing levels of expertise to successfully negotiate the best loan, not only considering your needs right now, but importantly what your 5 or 10-year plan might be. Whether your plan is to pay the loan quickly, leverage the property for other purposes or eventually retain the property as an investment property. It’s complicated and can take a lot of time and experience to ensure you have all the facts and understand the “ins and outs” of all your options. Its also important to ensure that investment loans fit in with your tax planning. For this reason, it’s often prudent to consult with your accountant. We, at Fortress Funding, usually do this to ensure that the loan structure we are proposing has the support of your accountant and that nothing is “lost in translation” between you, the lender, your accountant and ourselves.

  • Leverage the equity in your home to invest in property
  • Be able to buy your next property without selling your current home first
  • Take advantage of negative gearing opportunities (consult your Accountant)
  • Grow your asset portfolio

About You

As a property investor, the home loan you’re looking for will have more working [arts than that of a once-off home buyer. Not only could your portfolio grow and shrink as you work the property market, but you will also want to secure a payment structure that suits you in the long term. After all, property investment requires patience financial finesse. The most important decision behind your investment choices will be securing the right finance, with the right rates and repayment structure, that will work in seamlessly with your accountant and cash flow needs.

Selecting and negotiating the right loan requires specialist knowledge with ability to leverage the right networks. This is where Fortress Funding can provide the greatest value to property investors.

  • You probably have a home loan and vehicle loan.

  • This might be your first business loan.

  • We handle your loan negotiations so you can focus time developing your business.

  • You could be experiencing cashflow restrictions and currently manage your own taxes.

  • Too busy running your business? Leave your loan negotiations and applications to us.

  • You are your own financial advisor and are open to free advice to improve your finances.

  • The banks say no, or offer limited help in getting you set up with the right loan.

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