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If you own a business, big or small, the different types of business loans available can be really beneficial to you. Whether you are a sole trader, operate a large business that employs many people, or run a factory or fleet of vehicles, the challenges are often the same. Meanwhile, the solutions are wide and varied

  • Be independent from your business partners debt.

  • Separate your debt liability so you’re only responsible for your repayments.

  • Restructure your business finance to reduce repayments and increase cashflow.

  • Debts might be secured against commercial assets. Residential security is often cheaper and more flexible.

  • You may be guaranteeing other parties debt as all parties are grouped together through the business.

  • The banks are unlikely to inform you of better, client friendly structures that are already available to you.


About You

Often being incorporated can open up finance opportunities that are not available to sole traders. Businesses that sell to other businesses have different options to those that sell directly to consumers or households. Businesses that have been in operation for longer also have different finance options to start ups. Whatever your circumstances, there should be a solution or a combination of solutions for you. The challenge is sifting your way through the lender’s advertising, their “fine print” and lending policy. This is where it’s essential to put in the work to fully understand your borrowing obligations or alternatively consult a professional to guide you through the process.

  • You probably have a home loan and vehicle loan.

  • This might be your first business loan.

  • You can be time poor and prefer your loan negotiations to be handled for you.

  • You could be experiencing cashflow restrictions and currently manage your own taxes.

  • Your business might be incorporated.

  • You are your own financial advisor and are open to free advice to improve your finances.

  • The banks say no, or offer limited help in getting you set up with the right loan.


Clients come to us because we can help resolve their immediate credit needs. Clients stay with us because we help them pay off their debts, so they can get access to prime loans with better interest rates in the future

For a growing business like ours, the business expertise was invaluable. You helped us find a solution even when our bank couldn’t do what we wanted. We not only achieved what we wanted to do but it was a more cost effective option and much more suited the needs of our business.

Tony - Business Owner (Wholesaler & Retailer of Building Products)

Roger Castle assists many of our clients on an ongoing basis. He works with us to ensure that funding solutions are in the best interests of our clients. He has been consistently honest and ethical and has helped our business clients achieve their funding requirements.

Garry Anderson - Chartered Accountant
The access to funds and expert advice has been absolutely crucial over the past 15 years in allowing us to operate our business successfully, pay our staff and our creditors on time. The market is always throwing up new challenges and Roger Castle has helped us navigate our way through.
Lyn - Business Owner (Supplier & Installer of Quality Floors)

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