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It comes as a surprise to many that a self-employed business loan can be very similar to business loans secured by large companies, in a range of industries. Whether you’re an owner-operator, one-man-band tradesman, or run a business with a small team of people, finding the right business loan can be challenging. The greatest challenge comes from knowing what to say to the banks in order to qualify for the right loan. Many lenders will ask detailed questions about your business and will request regular financial check-ups. The upside is that engaging a finance specialist will ensure you still get the best loan possible, without needing to jump through hoops from your bank or locking your business into a loan that’s not quite right for your needs. Specialist finance brokers from Fortress Funding are free. They learn about your business and funding needs, do the research of suitable loan options, and negotiate with the banks on your behalf. What’s better is that there are no fees payable. The broker gets paid when the bank approves the right loan.

  • Work as a well funded freelancer, consultant or owner operator

  • Take advantage of the free consulting advice available from Fortress Funding

  • Secure a loan that will help meet your business goals

  • Avoid jumping through hoops while the banks assess your business from the ground up

  • Finance your business growth with the right loan


About You

Being a self-employed business owner has many benefits. For one, you are your own boss, and business decisions are made by you. If business growth is your goal, you can speak with a funding specialist to get access to the funds you need, without entering into endless negotiations with the banks.

You could be working as a tradesman, a professional consultant or independent contractor. No matter what business you are in, if the business is owned and operated by you, there are self-employed business loans available to meet your needs.

  • You own and operate your own business

  • You could be working as a tradesman, consultant or contractor in any industry
  • Accessing funds is essential, but you don’t know how to deal with the banks

  • You have specialist loan needs and the banks won’t help



Clients come to us because we can help resolve their immediate credit needs. Clients stay with us because we help them pay off their debts, so they can get access to prime loans with better interest rates in the future

For a growing business like ours, the business expertise was invaluable. You helped us find a solution even when our bank couldn’t do what we wanted. We not only achieved what we wanted to do but it was a more cost effective option and much more suited the needs of our business.

Tony - Business Owner (Wholesaler & Retailer of Building Products)

Roger Castle assists many of our clients on an ongoing basis. He works with us to ensure that funding solutions are in the best interests of our clients. He has been consistently honest and ethical and has helped our business clients achieve their funding requirements.

Garry Anderson - Chartered Accountant
The access to funds and expert advice has been absolutely crucial over the past 15 years in allowing us to operate our business successfully, pay our staff and our creditors on time. The market is always throwing up new challenges and Roger Castle has helped us navigate our way through.
Lyn - Business Owner (Supplier & Installer of Quality Floors)

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